2014 Summer Registration Information

Written by campcaudle

Summer is fast approaching (4 months!) and we have been working throughout the fall and winter to get ready for it. In October of 2013 all of the Session Directors met here at Camp Caudle and discussed ways to  registration, staffing and other cooperative improvements. Below is a list of things that were decided upon (mostly unanimously!) that will affect you directly as you get ready for camp this summer. Please read this information and share it with others who will be registering campers for the 2014 summer.

1. No deposits will be taken this year

In order to make things easier at registration and to keep from any confusion as to how much has already been paid we have eliminated the $50 deposit. Now, all applications must be submitted with full payment in order to register your camper.

* As always, if any person needs financial assistance do not hesitate to let us know by email www.campcaudle.org/contact.html 

2. Early Bird Registration is April 15th 

and your camper must have the form submitted and the $125 be paid in full by that date. (This isn’t a change altogether but a great reminder!)

3. The registration fee of $150 is the same 

as well but only until ONE WEEK prior to the session start date. This effort is another way to encourage everyone to get registered before the session start date. It makes it much easier on the session directors, cook staff and the camp directors.

4. If you absolutely cannot register your camper before one week prior then you will pay the

  late registration fee of $175.     

Campers will incur this fee if registered anytime within 7 days of the session start date, on the day of registration or after the session has ended. We understand that late registration is sometimes unavoidable but encourage you to register as soon as you can. We hope that all campers can get in early and avoid the extra cost!
*Please note: if you are mailing in paper applications this fee applies to the date the application is received.

5. As per our insurance request and for increased camper safety            

all adult staff   

excluding cook staff must go online to www.campcaudle.org     and

submit a volunteer application

This small form will allow for better screening of adults who will be in contact with children and give the session directors a concise list of their staff. Be aware that the application for the Day Camp session will be a separate link than the overnight session.

*Even if you have been an adult staff volunteer before you must fill out an application.
All applications are due by May 1st.

We hope these changes will create efficiency and safety and we know that this summer will be great! If you have questions about payment or discounts please contact us and get your questions answered before the day of registration. www.campcaudle.org/contact.html

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