A lot of hard work

Written by campcaudle

The past two months have been filled with work groups, donations and accomplishment and I am very proud. 
    We have painted walls…


bought a semi trailor load of lumber…

toted, measured and cut… 

and sawed, and sawed and sawed…

and stained, and stained and stained.

We built concrete counter-tops,


door frames, doors…

                    and stalls. 
This weekend we housed our first group in the new retreat center. (Eighty college students from around the state.) Though it wasn’t completely finished for them, compared to two months ago it is looking great. There are ten more doors to build, four more stall walls, all the stall doors, counter-tops to seal, and trim to put up but really, “it is looking great.” I am very proud of what we have accomplished and thankful to those who have come and worked so hard to make it happen! 
We have re-instituted “Work Wednesdays” and several men from Mt. George and Westside have been coming every week and working from 9am to about 3pm. I can say with great confidence that they saved my backside. There is no way I would have accomplished even one-fourth as much trying to do it alone. They have become more than just volunteers here. I have learned many things from them and very much enjoy their company.  
This year has started off very strongly. The enthusiasm about the work here at camp is very high. More people have come to do work projects in the past six months than in my previous three years working as Director here. This blog could not be long enough to show how proud I am of this camp, the people involved and the future that is in store. I believe that God will bless and is blessing our efforts here and I see many great things taking place. Let us be prayerful that these great things will continue to translate into changed lives.  

2 thoughts on “A lot of hard work

  1. It literally brings tears to my eyes to see so much work being done to the camp I grew up going to every summer. I may be out of the "church camp" picture these days, but I pray for changed lives through Camp Caudle all the time. Thank you and all the others who have worked hard to make Camp Caudle what it is today. Perhaps you will see my face out there helping at some point. 🙂

    Emily Wesley

  2. Thank you Emily! I hope that you do come out soon. Maybe I see a counseling opportunity in your near future…say this summer?
    Thanks for your comment. It is encouraging

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