Have you benefited from camp?

Do you have personal memories you made here at Camp? Have you seen a Christ change in the heart of your camper?

Do you see people Struggling?

Now more than ever, we are noticing our need to come near to God. The bible shares his promise in James 4:8 that he will come near to us when we come near to him. In humility, God will lift us up to serve him. 

Will you make a faithful investment?

We all dream about the future. We want our kids and grandkids to know Christ, to love him and to love their neighbors. If that is the future we want we must be willing to invest in that future. What we set apart is what holds value in our lives. 

Become a Camp CHAMPION!

Your kids, your future and following Christ are important to you. Please choose to become a monthly partner in the ministry of Camp Caudle today and sustain the work here for years to come.