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The world needs Jesus. You can help guide young people to Him. 


Would you like to volunteer for one week this summer? Counselor, Kitchen, Activities? Click the picture above for more information.

Summer Staff

Are you a college age believer who wants to push yourself and grow your faith?

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Non-Summer Months


Whether as an individual or a group we'd love to put you to work!

If you are looking to volunteer in our non-summer months on 'Work Wednesdays' or with your youth group please email:


Summer Camp

Our Approach

We have year-round staff that keep the ball rolling. Each summer, we accept Guides  to stay for the whole summer.

We rely heavily on volunteers to produce the kind of camp we are proud of. You will love being out here and the impact you will make.

You will be signing up for a one week session. It's best when you sign up to go ahead and commit to being here for the whole week. When we can depend on you being here it is less stressful on the other volunteers and especially the kids.

Day Camp volunteers come each day (Monday - Friday) at 8:30am and stay till 4:00pm that afternoon.

Volunteers for overnight camps typically arrive at 2:00pm on Sunday and leave the following Saturday at 10:00am (or when your campers are all gone).

Everyone has different talents. How would you best fit in a week of camp?

Would you be willing to help us run our summer camp sessions? Perhaps you could help with all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into putting on a fantastic camp. Or maybe you could help by keeping kids from hooking each other in fishing class! We need kitchen helpers, cabin counselors, interns, staff counselors, class teachers, all kinds of folks. If you have a desire to serve, we can plug you in!  Click below.


We appreciate all of our volunteers. As a volunteer we want you to be fully aware of what you're signing up for so please ask lots of questions. We are responsible for other people's children. Because of this, there are some things you should be aware of.

  1. You must undergo a full background check in order to volunteer.
  2. Volunteers are subject to screening questions by the camp director.
  3. Not everyone who wishes to volunteer becomes a Camp Caudle volunteer.
  4. You may not get the exact job you wanted while volunteering. (We know you don't mind because you are giving your week as a servant, but we want to be clear. You may be needed elsewhere.)
  5. During your time here, you are under the direction of the Camp Director.
  6. The gate will be shut during camp sessions. Please don't give the code to anyone. Our staff will let them in if they need to be here.

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We'd love to have you volunteer this summer!

It's Your Summer. Make it matter.


Be a Guide Summer 2022

Lake Cabins

The Lake View Cabins will sit just to the left of the drive as you pull down into camp and will overlook Lake Papa Crow. Each cabin will be approximately 600square feet. They will sleep 10 campers and 2 counselors, have two bathrooms inside, and a front and back porch. The estimated cost for each cabin is $75,000.

Your donation is tax-deductible and makes a huge impact on what we do here. We rely on your generosity.

Pictured here: In 2017 we raised for and built our fourth River View Cabin.  Thank you for your generous support!


Guide a camper to Christ this summer with your donation.

Operating Fund

Kids will need to get outdoors with friends more than ever.

Summer Guides

Summer Staff serve mid May to August

Camp Families

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Lake View Cabins

We are building new cabins overlooking Lake Papa Crow!


A Full Scholarship is $250

We work hard to provide a fantastic camp experience filled with Fun, Friendship, and Focus. We do not turn kids away from this great experience because of financial need. Each year we raise scholarship money that goes specifically to campers who cannot afford to come.

The Don and Margaret Helms Welcome Center

Thank you for helping us Continue the Dream!

Construction is complete on the Don and Margaret Helms Welcome Center. This is central to our camp in both location and function. Housing our administrative offices, camp store, and canteen.

Don J Helms 

Continue the Dream

Don Helms was known throughout this community as a dreamer, a man of vision and foresight. He was among those who dared to dream of a Christian youth camp here in the river valley that would serve not only the body of Christ, but also be an outreach tool for underprivileged youth in this region. His dream is being realized at Camp Caudle, but the dream is not over...

As Don himself wrote:

"When you stop dreaming about the future, the future is in trouble.The primary dreamers of the 1970's are now in their 70's or older, or deceased. many of them have crossed the stream but their dreams are still alive and well."

Don served on Camp Caudle's Executive Board of Directors from its inception until his passing. We will miss him as our mentor, financial advisor, and friend.

"A handful of people saw a Christian summer camp in a deserted field where cabins, a kitchen, and a couple of other buildings stood, with roofs falling in and trees growing out, near a creek just a mile west of Scottsville. After years of free labor and hard work, that old dilapidated area is now one of the finest camps in Arkansas."

"It is the result of people dreaming about what could be rather than looking at what was true. A walk of faith and not by sight."

Contributions to the Don J Helms Continue the Dream Campaign contributed greatly towards present growth of camp. Don loved camp just as you do. With our gifts combined, we will realize the vision of Camp Caudle being here for many years to come. Currently, we are dreaming about our new functional Office and Lake View Cabins.

"Dreaming is just another way of planning for the future. If anything is to be accomplished in our future, someone had better have a dream and be working on that dream. It may take 20 years for the dream to come true. Without a dream, nothing will happen. My challenge to you is to start dreaming if you're not, and continue dreaming if you are."