How would you like to volunteer?

Non-Summer Months


Whether as an individual or a group we'd love to put you to work!

If you are looking to volunteer in our non-summer months on 'Work Wednesdays' or with your youth group please email: brent@campcaudle.org


Summer Camp

Our Approach

We have 4 year-round staff that keep the ball rolling. Each summer, we accept interns as well as staff counselors to stay for the whole summer. We rely heavily on volunteers to maintain the produce the kind of camp we are proud of. You will love being out here and the impact you will make.

You will be signing up for a one week session. It's best when you sign up to go ahead and commit to being here for the whole week. When we can depend on you being here it is less stressful on the other volunteers and especially the kids.

Day Camp volunteers come each day (Monday - Friday) at 8:30am and stay till 4:00pm that afternoon.

Volunteers for overnight camps typically arrive at 2:00pm on Sunday and leave the following Saturday at 10:00am (or when your campers are all gone).

Everyone has different talents. How would you best fit in a week of camp?

Would you be willing to help us run our summer camp sessions? Perhaps you could help with all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into putting on a fantastic camp. Or maybe you could help by keeping kids from hooking each other in fishing class! We need kitchen helpers, cabin counselors, interns, staff counselors, class teachers, all kinds of folks. If you have a desire to serve, we can plug you in!  Click below.

We appreciate all of our volunteers. As a volunteer we want you to be fully aware of what you're signing up for so please ask lots of questions. We are responsible for other people's children. Because of this, there are some things you should be aware of.

  1. You must undergo a full background check in order to volunteer.
  2. Volunteers are subject to screening questions by the camp director.
  3. Not everyone who wishes to volunteer becomes a Camp Caudle volunteer.
  4. You may not get the exact job you wanted while volunteering. (We know you don't mind because you are giving your week as a servant, but we want to be clear. You may be needed elsewhere.)
  5. During your time here, you are under the direction of the Camp Director.
  6. The gate will be shut during camp sessions. Please don't give the code to anyone. Our staff will let them in if they need to be here.

We are looking for an army of believers who can be prayer warriors for Camp Caudle. The campers, counselors, interns, and staff all need you prayers for this summer to be as impactful as it can possibly be. Please be praying for safety and spiritual growth for our campers, and pray for wisdom for our speakers, teachers, and staff. If you have a group that would be willing to come out to Camp Caudle, we would like to assign your group to pray over the cabins, classrooms, and devotional areas that will be so instrumental in bringing about relationships with Christ this summer.

Become a volunteer

We'd love to have you volunteer this summer!