Insurance Money

Written by campcaudle

Last Spring (April 2011) when the tornado rolled through Vilonia, AR and other places around the state it tore off several shingles on the roofs here at the camp. Thank goodness for insurance money. The old Mess Hall was probably the worst and is, as you can see in the picture above, being replaced with Driftwood Architectural type shingles. Hopefully, we will have enough left to patch the other roofs on the cabins as well.

 In addition to nailing down shingles we are still working toward finishing the basement of the new building. To my knowledge we still need money for labor and tools to build the beds. Also, in general the camp needs picked up and spruced up. All of the construction and use over the past year has created dirt piles and such needing to be cleaned up. If you have a front in loader, strong back or just time to help clean up please let us know.

As always you can go to and donate. E-mail me for information or to set up a date and time for work.

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