January 2018 A Season of Blessing

Written by campcaudle

October 2016 our camp Executive Board and our on site Directors met for a weekend of vision casting, planning, and prayer. We discussed our goals as a camp and shared our dreams. It was a fun weekend. We knew that for Camp Caudle to continue to Guide Young People on the Adventure of Living for Christ we were going to have to address our facilities. Built in 1936, what was left of the original 19 structures needed attention. In January of 2017 we made a decision to move forward with a portion of that shared dream. We decided to build one new 1200 square foot cabin that would serve as a model cabin. We knew we would need more than one cabin but if we could build one it would clearly show the direction we were heading.

As I sit here at the end of January of 2018 I am humbled. This was a big undertaking given the cost of the 18 person cabin was expected to run $80,000. Before we began to build we were stunned with an anonymous donor who donated the money for another cabin which was quickly followed by the Central church of Christ in Little Rock, Arkansas who raised the money for a third cabin in honor of Mackenzie Hess. What started as a dream had rapidly turned into an amazing reality. In February of 2017 we began construction on three new cabins and a fourth foundation and completed them at the 11th hour before camp began this past summer.

What a huge blessing!!

The cabins are perfect. The front porches give a place of shade and for dirty shoes while the back porches offer great views of the Illinois Bayou and a breezy spot for devotionals. Inside, there are nine high density foam mattresses and a bathroom on the right and nine more on the left. A divider allows them to be used for smaller family groups or churches.

Amazingly, there’s more.

Adjacent to the new cabins we were further blessed to remodel Sunset Hall which was Camp’s original dining hall. This 2000 square foot rock building now serves as a beautiful meeting space for retreats using the new cabins mentioned above and air-conditioned class space for our summer camps. 80 chairs comfortably view the Bayou through the wall of windows as they sit comfortably next to the warm fireplace.

The Sunset Hall project was made easier with a purchase of a new 40 horse Mahindra Tractor made possible by generous matching donation from Rick Barger from Little Rock as well as several donations from a share group at the Westside church of Christ in Russellville, AR. For some time camp has wished for a new tractor and in this amazing season of blessing were able to receive it.

Amazingly, there is more.

At the end of the year 2017 we had an anonymous donor who pledged up to $50,000 for a matching campaign. All gifts from this campaign would go directly towards building new cabins. Praise be to God as we exceeded our goal and raised $85,000!! With the match, we raised $135,000 for new cabins.

So, we sit here humbled. Thankful. Blessed.

Thank you to everyone who has joined our mission of Guiding young people. Your gifts make a difference.

Lee Henson

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  1. Mason Buerer says:

    This is amazing!! What a huge blessing all of this will be in the lives of our campers!

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