The Dream Continues

Written by campcaudle

At Camp Caudle we are Continuing the Dream. Built in 1936 through the WPA by local men in need, Camp Caudle has served people well for 82 years. We will continue, with God’s blessing, to be a place where God makes contact with his people. In 2018, Camp Caudle is still providing guidance to young people as it did during the impoverished 1930’s. The healing for families isn’t through building of physical structures but spiritual houses. For decades, each year hundreds of campers have experienced messy outside fun, fostered lasting, godly friendships, and focused on Jesus Christ. Camp Caudle has been and remains to be a place where many believe in Jesus. (John 10:42)

This summer, we’ve had dozens of campers who came to us with little to no church background, heard the gospel, and made a commitment to follow Christ. (Read more) God is truly working here. How many generations have been impacted as a result of those having accepted the gospel here? Those who went before us made an investment in generations beyond their own. We know that you, like the those who built this place, care about the future of your those you love.

“If anything is to be accomplished in our future, someone had better have a dream and be working on that dream. Without the dream, nothing will happen.” –Don Helms (former board member and mentor)

How does the dream continue?
Stage 1: Building the office. Central to our camp’s operation both in its location and function the office will serve as an inviting welcome center for camps and retreats alike. This new facility will house our administration offices, camp store, canteen, conference room, and summer staff meeting space. it will be centrally located at so it will be easily accessible for campers and retreat guests and serve as the new check-in location.

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The office will be a much needed hub for the business and activity of camp. For years now, we have squeezed into a 12’x14’ room on the end of one of the staff houses. With a growing staff to keep up with our growing camp, the office space will suit our needs for years to come. The first floor will fill our need for Office manager office, reception, a larger canteen, store, and a check-in space. The second floor will have space for two director offices, a conference room, and meeting space for rental groups and camp classes. Projected Cost: $150,000

Stage 2: The Lake View Cabins. After 82 faithful years, the cabins that provided work for hungry families in the 1930's and that have housed thousands of campers are themselves in need. We were blessed in 2017 to build 3 new cabins and a fourth in the spring of 2018. Lord willing, and with your investment we will complete four additional cabins to completely replace the outdated rock cabins. With these new cabins we will be able to serve more campers per week in the summer than ever before in a more comfortable space. Projected Cost: $85,000 each

River Cabin

Stage 3: Pavilion off the back of the New office to provide shaded gathering space for campers and retreat guest alike and meeting space for the four Lake View Cabins. Projected Cost: $200,000

Our concern for our current and future generation must be matched with our faithful investment.

Your donation today will provide guidance for campers for years to come.

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